Conferencce 2010

Preaching to the hard hearted

Reaching out to a world that has said "Goodbye" to God

MORE DETAILS COMING SOON: the information below is about last year's conference


The gospel is to be owned and shared by everyone who is a follower of Christ. But we too often make Gospelling the sole preserve of the “professionals”. How can we encourage, train and equip the vast army of gospel-sharers we have in our congregations?

We are delighted to welcome Richard Cunningham from UCCF to share with us some principles and practical ideas on how to mobilize all kinds of believers to share Christ one to one.

Richard has a wealth of experience in evangelism training, and has been part of the hugely effective Uncover campaign—which has got students all over the country opening Luke’s Gospel one to one with others.

With a variety of practical seminars, this day conference is a timely and strategic event that will stimulate us to grow the work of evangelism in our local churches.

This is a conference not just for those who would call themselves “evangelists,” but for anyone who has a role in promoting evangelism in the local church. Come with a team from your church to enjoy the stimulation, encouragement and
refreshment that this conference will bring.



10.00 Welcome & introduction Rico Tice
10.15 The forgotten evangelist Richard Cunningham
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 One to One just works! Richard Cunningham
12.30 Gearing up for mission Tim Hanson
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Seminar streams
3.00 Refreshments
3.30 One to One in action Rico Tice and Richard Borgonon
4.15 Summary & depart


Seminar Streams

SEMINAR A: Encouraging your church in everyday evangelism. John & Daphne Ross
John and Daphne from Farnham Baptist Church get practical and specific about ways we can encourage Christians of all kinds to be involved in frontline evangelism day by day.


SEMINAR B: Sharing the gospel one to one with teens and 20s. Carl Laferton
What are the practicalities of opening the Bible in longer term friendships. Carl shares his experience of the pleasures and pitfalls of one-to-one evangelism and encouragement.


SEMINAR C: Church evangelism clinic. Rico Tice and Tim Thornborough.
Your chance to get advice and help with the wider issues of helping a church become evangelistic through and through. Come with your questions and difficulties!


SEMINAR D: Sharing the gospel with Muslims. Imtiaz Khan
One in eight people in London is a Muslim, and there are large concentrations of muslims in the north of England. How do we help our congregations to share the good news about Jesus naturally and relationally with the followers of Islam?


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